What’s Inside A Cup of Coffee

Unlike most other What’s Inside videos this isn’t about additives shoved into beverages and consumer products, but rather the chemical compounds that are naturally found in coffee. It goes to show you that a little nastiness can actually make things better. Kind of like a little bit of poison can heal. Wait a minute Caffeine […]

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Settlers Snack board!

“Let them eat Catan” Mary Something or other once said… or maybe i have things wrong here…. I love the game  The Settlers of Catan  But never before have I thought about EATING the game! Chris and Rachael Oseland (Kitchen Overlord!  Love the name) are not only apparently working on a Settlers Cookbook! But have […]

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No Coffee… Bad Juju

This just in…  Caffeine Withdrawal Is Now a Mental Disorder. So if i haven’t had my coffee in the morning I am now to be completely excused for anything I say, do, or yell right? Well no… not really. You see the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  Version 5 was […]

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Coffee People, Coffee Stories

Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue? A: He drank his coffee before it was cool. Brendan brews Chemex coffee at home before he comes to work and drinks more coffee. Chemex is an old-school pour over coffee preparation that has seen resurgence of late. Look in the attic, chances are your parents or […]

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