Coffee doodle: para coffee

We have all been there, either on vacation or in some remote office where your good coffee has run out. And you sit there staring down the barrel of a cup of almost coffee. All the planning in the world can’t fix fate. So you man or woman up and drink the available swill. Know […]

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Vacation coffee

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting in a balcony on vacation sipping a steaming cup of fresh coffee. But you have to be prepared. This is what you will find in your room…. If you are lucky. A tiny personal, hopefully clean way to make pre prepared coffee satchels. No Bueno indeed. But with a […]

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Coffee Origins

You would think a few tidbits about coffee would be common knowledge. It is the second most popular beverage in the world after water, and it is also the second most traded item after oil. So it keeps us running and hydrated to a large extent. But most people don’t know where coffee came from, […]

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