Web Accessibility and a focused on A11Y with Nicolas Steenhout

Nic Steenhout is a long term A11y (accessibility) advocate who works remotely for Knowbility, an Austin, TX based non-profit. In this episode Scott and Nicolas talk about various kinds of accessibility from the web to mobile devices to wheelchair ramps! He’s also the host of the A11y Rules podcast.

CaffiNation 539: Barometer

Just sit right back you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful trip, down memory lane and internet fame to a dulcet-toned quest. We have right here upon this show some wonderful geeky news, about ancestral blues and kiddie cartoons and other delightful quips. We bounce around the internet like a frantic caffeine drip, skittering, […]

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Visible Designers with Revision Path’s Maurice Cherry

Maurice Cherry is a veteran designer AND veteran podcastee. His award-winning podcast Revision Path has showcased nearly 250 Black Designers and influencers. Scott and Maurice talk about the importance of good design on today’s web (AND good podcasts!) Where does Maurice see design going with the rise of cookie-cutter themes. Is it hard to be unique and fresh with the rise of the Visible Designer?

CaffiNation 538: The Fourth

That beautiful sound you hear right now is not the crash bang and boom of the rockets. And the pleasant sight you see is not their red glare. But rather the dulcet tones of another CaffiNation Podcast, and the beautiful notification of a new one available for download. In CaffiNation 538, we discuss how robots are taking […]

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Hot times for an iced coffee

Summer may have just started here in the northern hemisphere but it is dang hot already and that means people are turning their heads towards iced coffee beverages. So once more I pick up my standard and fight against calling an iced latte an iced coffee. Iced coffee, you see, is very easy to make. […]

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