Inside Linux on Windows with WSL and Tara Raj

Windows 10 runs Linux natively! How is that possible? Scott talks to Microsoft’s Tara Raj, the Program Manager for the Windows Subsystem for Linux. How does this technology work? Tara explains the internals of WSL to Scott in this episode.

Container Catharsis with Laura Frank Tacho

Laura Frank Tacho is the Director of Engineering at CloudBees and has been working with Docker almost since its inception. She shares her experiences in running teams that constantly rely on and deploy containers at scale. How have containers changed effectively everything and where are we heading?

Teaching Programming to kids (and everyone else) with Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler teaches tech to kids ages 4 to 104. He talks to Scott about how to effectively teach technology, as well as the importance of social context around tech. Everyone’s journey to tech is different. How can we as teachers use those journeys to make everyone successful?

CaffiNation 543: Super Fakery

What do we cover? What can you expect out of the CaffiNation podcast? Well, tonight I’m going to explain a little about what that is and how we do. On tonight’s episode, we have tasty vittles and wonderful shiny technology, like robots that can swim and skip stones. Though not at the same time. We […]

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Too Hot Coffee Problems

A cup of hot coffee is one of the simple joys in life wherein you don’t need to be rich to experience richness. Full bodied rich nectar of life itself flows from ground beans into us all, giving us strength and making the day;’s work possible. But what if the coffee is too hot? What […]

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