CaffiNation 554: Leftovers!

Tonights show is all about leftovers. The good food for thought that has been kept safe and sound for an extra week. Doing the show on wednesdays sometimes interferes with real life, or real life gets in the way of the show. This time we had a major backlog in the house, and that spilled […]

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Moving companies to Open Source with the Head of Comcast’s Open Source Office Nithya Ruff

Nithya Ruff serves as an at-large director on the Linux Foundation’s board of directors. In her day job she is the Head of Comcast’s Open Source Office. Nithya has been guiding companies’ open source strategies for many years and in this episode she and Scott talk about how to introduce Open Source to more “traditional” companies.

Upgrading GitHub and improving Rails with Eileen Uchitelle

Eileen Uchitelle is a Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub and a member of the Rails Core Team. They recently upgraded GitHub two major versions to the latest Rails. How do you manage such a large upgrade and the technical debt underneath – with no downtime? How do you also move improvements in GitHub’s own branch upstream into Rails so everyone can benefit! Eileen explains it all to Scott in this episode.

Designing for a Global Audience with Digital Nomad Jenny Shen

Digital Nomad Jenny Shen aims to design software for a Global Audience. Are you creating software that includes everyone? Does it consider not just internationalization but also culture and how people think? We’ll discuss design across culture in this week’s episode.

Gaming for all with the Xbox Accessibility Controller and John Alexander

What if you couldn’t play video games? Most controllers require not just two hands but also fine motor skills and exact motions. The Xbox Accessibility Controller aims to open up gaming for everyone. It’s not trying to be the controller for everyone, but rather than controller platform for everyone! Scott talks to John Alexander about how he games with the Xbox Accessibility Controller.

CaffiNation 552: Spooky Eats

One of the challenges of the Halloween episodes are finding new and exciting stories, making sure that the content is always steaming and fresh. So what better way to do that then a spooky show filled to the brim with delectable haunted goodies.  On tonight’s show Gritty makes a scary comeback, we have haunted latte’s […]

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CaffiNation 551: Good thoughts & Tasty treats

Back with more candy, more nonsense and plenty of fun for yet another episode blending the two worlds of of tasty treats and geeky things.  On tonight’s episode; people who build chocolate houses shouldn’t have fireplaces, is there such a thing as too unhealthy.  Tonight is another Co-hosted jam with my lovely mini partner in […]

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